Collaboration on Rampion Offshore Wind project

Design and engineering services company Houlder, has completed the assembly of Pile Restraint Arms for the Rampion Offshore Wind project.

The 256t arms ensure foundation piles are kept vertical as they are hammered into the seabed. Leased to Rampion Offshore Wind, they will operate on the wind farm installation vessels.

Houlder held a series of open days earlier this year to showcase the equipment to a range of organisations.

The collaboration between Houlder and the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm project has enabled the safe and cost effective movement of large heavy foundations through a process of research, analysis, planning and engineering. The company continues to work in partnership with Ramption Offshore Wind and their contractors to improve solutions and solve challenges as wind farms continue to develop and move further offshore and into deeper waters.

Posted 04/10/2016 10:39

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